Saturday, February 27, 2010

4th Annual Canary Open Today!

Very short one today folks. The goal of today's blog is to introduce you to an event we created a few years back that involves light yellow, heavy drinking, and minimal golf watching.

The Phoenix/FBR/Waste Management Open is widely regarded as the biggest party in golf. "Quiet" signs are patently ignored at this event, and this is generally the one time that golf fanatics can scream at their favorite golfer with no fear of repercussion.

What follows is a background description of the event that I sent out in an e-mail to our membership.

***The Canary Open is our yellow-clad takeover of the Phoenix/FBR/Waste Management Open. Founded in 2006, A group of forward thinking MEN decided to purchase the gaudiest golf outfits they could find and wear them to golf's biggest party. 4 years later, we've more than quadrupled our numbers and have been featured on multiple news shows for our antics (Erik Neal, ask Tre about our appearance on the "Art Mann Show"). The only rules are 1.) Your outfit must be primarily Canary yellow in color 2.) Your outfit must be golf related 3.) Your outfit must be primarily CANARY YELLOW in color.***

In a world of ephemeral corporate sponsorships and disposable promises, the Phoenix Canaries provide a measure of stability in the world of leisure. We're expecting a record turnout of 40 Canaries this year, and it all goes down in roughly 5 hours.

The powers that be can name the event whatever they want, as far as we're concerned, it's the Canary Open.

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